Ken Masters

Street Fighter Alpha



Worn for:
Kaiser's Going Away Party 2011 Garasu-No-Shi-Con 2011

Ken Masters with Ani_Taku as my Ryu.

Now that this cosplay is done (minus gloves for now) it's time for the text wall!

This costume was really simple. Also fun to wear, but not so much when it was really hot outside and the character wears no shoes lol. So my feet got hurt a bit.

The Gi was bought by my Alex off of E-Bay, and I ripped off the arms and sewed up the sides. (So my binding/bra wouldn't show)

The belt I plan to dye black soon, when I can find things to do it.

The wig is actually Ed. I just combed out the braid and a friend helped me put it into a low pony-tail and make the ribbon ends the same length.
In due time I'll get a new wig for Ken from Arda Wigs and some material to make a hair ribbon myself.

The pants are un modified, though I'd like to possibly bring in the middle seam a bit, they're way too baggy lol.

I'm gonna get gloves as soon as Alex has time and more materials to make them. They are made from craft foam, and brown vinyl, and I've asked him to put velcro on mine.


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Series Street Fighter Alpha
Character Ken Masters
Variant Long Hair


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