Watari Yutaka

Descendants of Darkness



It was fun to do a revamp one of my first cosplays.

I wish I had more of Watari's spunk but personality wise I'm eerily similar to Tsuzuki. O__o It might be way I fan girl over Hisoka so much. ^_^U

The wig was a Arda Wigs Le Tigre Long in 013 Light Blonde and on long clip-on ponytail to make the centre part from scratch.

Riko and 003 were made from scratch. Dancing Flower Pot was bought. Runs off a music jack as a speaker.


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Series Descendants of Darkness
Character Watari Yutaka
Variant Kamakura Arc


Mehdia Very cool to see other Yami no Matsuei cosplayers. That manga is so love! I wish it got more attention for being so awesome. I totally need to cosplay more characters from it.

Queien XDDD You're amazing!