Dr. Derek Stiles

Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2



This costume was RIDICULOUSLY COMFORTABLE! I loved having my adorable Angie, TheSkiesAbove, who really encouraged me to do this costume with her. Thanks a million to TheBigTog for the amazing photographs!

The pants were work pants I already owned. Recognize those boots? Yeah, they're from my Tomoe costume, from the same series. xD The pants are an older pair of work pants, and the labcoat is one owned by my adorable Angie. Angie also made up my nametag ; w; ILUBBY. The top was initially going to be mocked up first out of some fabric my mother had given me, old torn sheets and duvet covers. The fabric was so lovely though, so I decided to just make the final version out of it! It is quite soft and snuggly. It is an Asian style mandarin collar and holds together with snaps. :) Very simple!


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Series Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2
Character Dr. Derek Stiles


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