Constance Blaize


Cygnar Knight of the prophet from Warmachine... I will have fun on making this one ;D
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Vicky.Bjorn Wow, just wow :-O

Lyeric Amazing <3

[email protected] OMG!!! CONGRATS DEAR ^^ <3

SeprenMaelstrom Ohh wow... I bow to your costume-making prowess. You are a crafting god! Dx This looks completely amazing. So much respect. Holy crap.

anniee Hey how did you make the costume? materials and steps? thanks

PsychoLove you are the epitome of insane!!

MysteriousMaemi Yes, you finally have a showcase! congrats Dino! :D

Shappi Congrats on the showcase, totally deserved!

[email protected] Ouiiiiii bravo :-)

Kate O'Riley youhooo finally a showcase for Dino!! Great job girl!!!! :D

Kittycricri wooouuhouu, such a wonderful costume, I'm really impressed in the amount of details! You did a great job on it ^^ Keep up the good work

DarkFF666 Waho, tout simplement.... Impressionant. Entre les accessoires qui s'illuminent, l'armure et ses détails... Magnifique travail, comme d'habitude, et showcase amplement mérité !