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So after being turned onto the characters by my friend 9uh_bear, I decided I really wanted to do the versions of the sisters that you see in the parades at the Disney parks. You know, obnoxiously huge dresses, layers upon layers of skirt, tiny gold detailing and silly puffy sleeves. Unfortunately, Anastasia was in a time crunch to get everything done in time for D*C, so I offered to make both of our dresses (I think it turned out pretty well). Well, we were originally supposed to debut at Dragon*Con 2011, but I simply couldn't wait to do so, I was so impatient. So I made ANOTHER Anastasia dress for my friend to wear, and we debuted them at Otakon 2011. There are a few differences between my 'sisters'. My Otakon Anastasia's bodice has pink arm bands, she has the gold hair piece, and does not have curly hair. My Dragon*Con Anastasia's bodice has /purple/ arm bands, and she wears the feathers in her curly hair.

Right - info on how the costume is made. The first and bottom most layer is the bloomers. Those were simple, as I took a pretty easy costume breeches pattern, and made them out of broadcloth. Same thing for the ruffles really. Just strips of broadcloth, hemmed, gathered and sewn on.

Panniers - I used the (now retired) Marie Antoinette undergarments pattern from Simplicity. They were all made out of party taffeta, appropriately colored bias tape, and steel hoop boning. It was also my first time making any boned under-skirt garments.

Petticoat - Simplicity pattern 5006 in appropriately colored broad cloths. I do think I may have increased the number of panels just to give it more body. Say, if they told me to use three panels, I'd used 5.

Skirt - Simplicity Pattern 3727 in several layers. For Drizella, she has a layer of each green and yellow lining fabric added for the layers she has in the dress. For both Anastasia and Drizella, the two upper levels of the larger skirt are made from Casa collection satin and organza. Of course, the skirts were all greatly hemmed and fitted appropriately over awkwardly shaped panniers. Also, the top layer was hemmed with gold bias tape.

Bodice - A mix of several patterns, though the sleeves were freehanded. I forgot the specific time of fabric the bodices themselves are made out of, but they were this pretty, slightly iradescent material, that reminded me of the All that Glitters collection, but it did have a bit of a stretch to it. Sleeves were casa collection again, and trimmed in gold bias tape.

Top Skirt - Again, freehand, but used the fabrics found in various aspects of the dress, save for the upper level of Organza on Drizella. Trimmed in gold as well.

Purses - Freehand from scrap fabric.


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