Len Kagamine

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My second full-made super accurate costume<33

I bought a super cheap t-shirt at C&A for 3 euros and super cheap black shorts at Lefties for 4 (it was hard finding those because usually they don't make them that length . I used a pre-owned yellow tshirt to make the straps on the shorts and to make the tie. Painted the black dots with a pen and black fabric ink. Then I bought a retalho of stretchy black fabric, made the leg and arm warmers, the fuku and the sleeves. Then bought some yellow lace in my local chinese store and decorated them.

The shoes I painted them white and yellow.

The wig was a big messT_______T. I had bought one of the official wigs on ebay and sadly it did not fit my head:( I had to use a cheap ugly wig I had in the bottom of my wigs chest.

Headphones were made with headphones, cardboard, paper, White glue and straps.


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Character Len Kagamine


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