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This is my second cosplay! I worked a lot less on Youji than I did on Roxas because I already had the pants and I went to Value Village to buy myself some shoes and the turtle neck.

Wig: I ordered the wig from and I styled it myself.

Shirt: I made the shirt with a XXL pattern of a t-shirt.(and the collar I made the pattern myself and there is a small story behind it actually: I had made a mistake like always with it and I was un-sewing it and I pulled a little and it..ripped in my hands. God, I was almost crying. XD)

Ears+tail: I hate the ears, I restarted them so many times and they are still retarded. D: At first I wanted to make them with the hair but I realized I just sucked too much to be able to pull it off so I gave up on that idea and then I bought fake fur, cut out ears and dyed it green. :D I sewed the ears on the wig and used wire to make them hold a little. The tail I simply put a wire in it and left some out to tie it on my belt...thing..then I glue gunned it all together, I dyed it and tadaaah.

Extra: I bought contacts at the Trivium in Ottawa. :>


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