Ciel Phantomhive

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

I thought the Wonderland version of Ciel was really cute and I figured it would be a pretty easy sew. It wasn't too bad but since I didn't have time to make a really good mock-up some parts ended up not so great mainly the bands and apron. The bands where too tight and sitting down was pretty kept choking me XD. The apron was so quickly put together I'm surprised it stayed together at the con. After a break from all the crash sewing I remade the apron and am currently fixing up some parts on the main outfit.

Hopefully I can take some more pictures with all the new adjustments soon...*crosses fingers*

The top and pants where two different patterns joined together. I used a pajama pant pattern for the bottoms so I could have a side-less seam. The top does have the pleats but you can't see them because the sun kinda overexposed me XD tried to fix it up but alas...photoshop skills not the best.

I decided to use eyelet lace on the apron for two reason I needed something quick at the time and I felt it gave it just a bit more Victorian femininity ^^

The Key I picked up at JoAnn's and I tied some thin ribbon into a bow and secured it to the key than added it to a matching chain.

The shoes I originally wore had a heel on them but I used my flats for these pictures. I think I prefer the flats over the heels.

Got the Socks from SockDreams.
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Series Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
Character Ciel Phantomhive
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