Skull Kid

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask



I chose this costume because Marjora's Mask is my favourite of the Zelda games, and I wanted the challenge of figuring out how to make that head!

A LOT of work went into this thing... The head is a base of plastic canvas that was covered in foam, then carved to look like wood. I coated the foam with flexbond and then painted it. The reflective eyes are sunglasses that I ground down to the right size, and the beak is paperclay.

The mask is a cardboard base smoothed out with some tin foil and tissue, then covered with paper clay. It DOES actually attack to the head with velcro, however I can't really line the two pieces up while I'm wearing the costume, so it's not very practical :P

My arms and legs have tights on them that were painted with a wooden pattern.
The shoes were built with foam on top of an existing pair and covered with fabric.
The rings on the belt/hat are glowsticks that I covered over with paperclay. Then I tied them together using macrame and tinted the rope to be more yellow.

I think that's about everything!


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