Homme Ducan

Dream of Doll



My 41th cosplay character. "He came back as the Human" I always wanted to cosplay as ball-jointed doll since my cosplay beginnings. One day I must have one real BJD :3
Why must they be so expensive? T.T
Created in 2015

Edit: Updated version 2018:
Since I was quite dissatisfied with my old costume, I planned to make the whole thing anew. But I didn't managed to bring myself to do so until 2018 as I had a lot of spare material to use from my Cloud cosplay. The first thing I changed was his 'corset' which was quite easy thanks to its simple shape. Followed by new pair of belts and shoulder armor. All these parts are made from a very sturdy imitation leather so it won't tear down so easily. I forgot how many brass grommets were used for this but they are EVERYWHERE!! *yeah, even in places you won't see* :D Things that I reused are those old clay fake jewels, top and gauntlets. Also new pants which are bought as I couldn't successfully sew them at the time. However I consider to make my own next time since I'm now more confident with my sewing skills ;)

Edit: Updated version 2019: changed arm belt, star jewel (now made of worbla plastic, which quickly becomes my new favorite cosplay material :D) & new leather pants.


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Series Dream of Doll
Character Homme Ducan


Akitozz6 gypsy_girl Thank you! I tried to be as much doll-like as possible ^^

gypsy_girl Wow, you do look like a BJD. Super awesome.