Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld



The dress is made of dull satin in royal purple from Hancocks (*sniff* I'm going to miss Hancocks). It's just a basic sheath, shortened to miniskirt length. Amethyst's actual dress is a halter and backless, but for practical reasons I opted to go with this. The cape covers the back, anyway, so it is a non-issue. The gold trim on the hem is some 2" wide sari trim I found at a local discount fabric store that has a lot of sari supplies.

The cape is a half circle made from pink polyester crepe. I wanted it to be light and floaty, so left it unlined and just hemmed all the raw edges. It is attached with a bias tape strap that runs from one side, under my arms and across my back, and hooks to the other side of the cape. You need to fiddle a bit with this arrangement when you first put on the cape, but after that it's pretty secure.

The boots were thrifted, and started life light gray with bright yellow heels, weird cartoon fashion models on the sole, and big 3D plastic hearts bolted to the soles right in front of the heels. I had a shoe repair place get rid of the cartoons and hearts, then I painted the heels with Krylon Fusion in black. I used purple suede dye to turn the gray into purple.

The armor is craft foam with scrollwork done using puffy paint and sealed with a white glue/fabric glue/water mix per Penwiper's recipe. It was painted black, then painted gold using a combination of gold acrylic paint and Rub 'n' Buf. I sealed the paint with acrylic floor polish.

The belt is made using wood oval disks, sanded and coated with glue, detailed with puffy paint, and painted black then gold, and sealed with acrylic floor polish. They are attached to a strip of gold belting using contact cement. I needed to sand both surfaces before the cement would hold. Whatever that belt stuff was made of (PVC?), I never found a glue that wouldn't peel right up even after curing a few days. However, with sanding of both surfaces, the contact cement held. (I haven't stressed it very hard, though. I don't really trust it that much, but since it doesn't bear any load, it's doing okay.) I sewed on large snaps in the back to fasten it.

I found the earrings and the big, rectangular amethyst pendant at a local Fred Meyer. All other gems are acrylic craft jewels picked up from various sources.


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Series Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld
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