Aoba Seragaki

DRAMatical Murder



So along with my many cosplays from DMMD, I've also cosplayed Aoba. I know a lot of people cosplay him, but I get why. He's a very lovable character who goes through a lot of stuff in the game. Plus, since you play as him, it's kinda hard not to like him, I think. :)

Mostly everything was bought for this costume. The wig, glove, and Ren plush came from ebay, the jacket and boot covers came from aliexpress. The navy shirt I found at Goodwill(though I may have to replace it as I seem to have lost it... D: In some photos I'm wearing a black shirt so I may just stick with that) The headphones were painted(but are now my younger Meiko headphones as they're too small for Aoba ^^; )

The shoes I painted from an old pair and glued the boot covers too. The leg warmers are from sock dreams. The pants I already had.


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Series DRAMatical Murder
Character Aoba Seragaki


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