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Fake flowers and hot glue. It's gonna be a long time before I make a costume like this again, haha! Very few people recognized the character, but the ones that did were enthusiastic. Legend of Mana definitely needs more love!

Cosplay Head-to-Toe:

- The headpiece was simple enough - fake flowers glued to a brown fabric headband. (I've learned from past experience not to hot glue anything to plastic headbands - it won't stay!)
- The wig was purchased online. Very little styling was required. I just poofed up the bangs a bit.
- The capelette was a custom order from Starknitting on Etsy. The quality is incredible!
- The gloves were purchased from WeLoveColors - go check 'em out!
- The corset was purchased on Amazon and the quality was very surprising for the price! I cut strips of faux fur and hot glued it to the top along the inside.
- The "pants" were made from scratch using a slightly altered pattern. I put knitted elastic in the waist and ankles to keep things snug. My only regret is not stuffing them - they are supposed to be legs (not pants) and it annoys me when the fabric folds over and kills the illusion, haha!
- The "tail" was made using two different types of floral garland and several strips of faux fur. They were glued along a strip of craft foam that secures to the back of the corset using snaps.
- The claws were a lucky find online. Originally, the black part had long pile faux fur, but I trimmed it down to make it a little more accurate to the character design.

The Wings:

I get a lot of questions about these, so hopefully this helps out a bit!

- The base (green) part of the wings was actually made using two large fake leaves found at the hobby store. I folded them in half, bringing the top part down onto the bottom half and sewed them in place so they didn't flip back up.
- I bent both stems into a "U" shape and connected them at the base using both hot glue and an elastic bandage for security and comfort. Wrapping the bandage around the stems not only keeps them together, but it also provides padding for the back. The wings are worn by slipping this wrapped up "U" piece down the back of the corset before tightening it - no straps required! It looks a bit more natural this way, I think.
- Various fake flowers were glued to the front and back of the wings according to the character design. I also twisted a brown branch along the top for some variety.

If you have any questions about this costume, feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking!


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