Milky Bubbles as Rococo Princess

Rococo Princess


My own personal touches will be added!

Cosplayer: Milky Bubbles
The concept sketch for the design that I have here is, in fact, not the final design so the final result will be a surprise to you all, which I am very excited about. :)

I can't wait to show you all the hard work that MrGnob has put into this! She was also not very fun to design, I scrapped 4 concepts so Rococo Princess has definitely given her fair share of frustration.

This will show any and all progress made on my Rococo Princess piece by the artist Sakizou!

Just as with Strawberry Shortcake, I am working with the commissioner MrGnob to complete this piece. :D

I have personally altered the design to, basically, not be so large as it is in the original art. While I would love to be that extravagant, I need to fit through door ways!

I also added a 32 m/6 foot train to the skirt which I will decorate with silk roses and other other artificial flowers.
The back of the support structure for the collar will also have flowers attached to it to hide the piece that acts at the support.

The shoes will be made by me and the wig will also be styled by me.