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As I am growing older, I am trying to learn more sewing techniques so I can sew garments on my own and not have as much help. So this cosplay will be the start of this endeavor.

Wig: Ororo Silky in Sakura from Arda Wigs ($21)
- Styled by me. I have not done much in the way of wig styling so this is my first big leap into the wig styling world. It's probably not exceptionally "good" but I am proud of myself for what I am accomplishing!

Fabric and other accessories: ($46)
- I bought lavender matte satin for the bodice and skirt overlay, but unluckily I only got 2 5/8 yards of the material (all they had!) so I had to buy a cheaper fabric for the lining. But it worked out well enough.
- I also bought a cream satin for the skirt and jacket. I turned the fabric inside out so it wouldn't be as shiny. It turned out really beautifully!
- After constructing the dress, I realized my hoop wasn't enough for the skirt to lay properly. Luckily, my mother had some extra tulle so we added that to the hoop.

My warning for those you want to cosplay Euphy: The signature "petals" that Euphy has all over her outfit (ie the skirt overlay, sleeves, top of bodice, neck of jacket) are NOT EASY. Hours and hours of sewing, cutting, placement... I actually calculated how many petals i could get in the skirt and where to place them so they would evenly get shorter.

But overall, I worked really hard on this cosplay and I hope that others' will like what I have accomplished!

And good luck to any and all who decide to cosplay her as well. :) She's such a darling girl.


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