Asuna Yuuki

Sword Art Online



These started as a joke, but then they really happened! xD

Construction Notes!
Underneath the dress is one of my 6-hoop skirts. This one was too short for me or my friends so I decided to add stuff to it for this. The bottom ruffles are sewn right onto the hoop. After that there is one half circle skirt! Then a double circle skirt ruffled at the top and the bottom. Yes This fabric is super shiny. I know and I hate it. On Top of that is a draped piece with chiffon on top to break it up. Then more ruffles. The flowers are made of casa collection materials!

The bodice is a simple princess seam bodice that was boned and lined and laces up the back. There are a few appliques on it and the pink was satin stitched. There's also a butt bow, of course~

Appliques were added to the gloves and were given a snap for the choker.

The ring is my Cadence ring.
The veil was bought on Amazon (and is super awesome and fun)!


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Series Sword Art Online
Character Asuna Yuuki
Variant Wedding Dress


Zephyrfox This is so pretty