Blood Elf Priestess (Custom)

World of Warcraft



The bottom layer clothes are heavily based on the Blood Elf priestess from the WoW:BC opening cinematic, plus the artbook renditions of said outfit.
I took SO long to actually work on this outfit that when christmas '07 rolled around so I just plunked on a red hat and took some photos. It kind of became a "Sin'Dorei christmas outfit".

Later on in 2012 I worked in the lower part of the Spellweave Robes, as well as jingly belts and plenty of bracelets.
2014 saw the addition of Spellweave gauntlets, and I am currently working on an epic staff to go with it.

In the end it's more of a custom in-game costume rather than a bang-on recreation. Just how I like it. :)


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Series World of Warcraft
Character Blood Elf Priestess (Custom)


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