Tiny Tina

Borderlands 2



The wig is a Jareth in Dark Ash Blonde fom Arda Wigs, in which I added one pack of extensions.

The psycho mask started off as a white plastic mask that I bought at a craft store. I covered it with model magic, giving it roughly the good shape. I then covered it with Paperclay, adding details like the nose. After sanding it, patching it, sanding it again, etc... (like in Jia Jem's paperclay armor tutorial), I painted it and added the weathering and the blood. The respirator part was made with craftfoam.

Her left shoe started off as a white converse that I painted with Angelus leather paint. This paint is great for shoes as it will not peel, crack, or rub-off, and it comes in a vast array of colors.

The little bunny watch was made with model Magic. I also made the dynamite pack (wood) and the scissors on her backpack (wood and worbla).

The belts for the sleeve, the waist belt and the straps for the mask were made with leather by FullmetalSam.

The rest of the costume is mostly general sewing. What took the most time though was outlining all the clothing lines. It seriously took forever!! Not to mention the weathering. It was worth it because I had the awesomest time with this costume! BURN ALL THE BABIES!!


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Character Tiny Tina


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