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To hopefully unofficially debut for a few hours at Wondercon 2015 as a test run, and then I will officially debut her completed at D23 Expo next summer :)

7/22/16: I plan on re-making parts of this costume and wearing her again to ECCC next Spring :)

[]Bodice: I made the mistake last time of drafting the bodice before I made the bustle, so it sits kinda funky (mostly due to bunching at the waist, adding about 2" to my waistline >.>...not complimentary at all). I also want to use some leftover faux suede to create the "belt". I'm just happy I can re-use the sleeves I made for the first round of revisions from Wondercon this year ;)

[]Bustle: the bustle itself sits rather oddly because of the fabric I used for the trim. I plan on re-making it with 100% linen trim this time around, with quilt batting (ala Disneyland face character)

[]Ascot and helmet sash: re-making with silk dupioni for some added texture with all of this cotton sateen; backed with cotton. The poly satin I used originally was too stiff and the drape was especially weird on the helmet.

[]Collar: 3rd times the charm? The first collar I made was absolutely awful, and I finally like the shape I achieved with the second one, but it's a smidge too tall and makes me look like I have a double chin :P I plan on using poly sateen this time around (the stiffness of the fabric would actually work for this) and overlay it with some lace fabric for extra texture :)


[x]Bodice: Buttercup yellow cotton sateen (I used this same fabric in grape for Darkwing and it's AMAZING to work with!) with a button up back. To be fully structured with a layer of coutil and spiral steel boning and steel stays, as well as fully lined in medium weight brown suiting. The pattern is slightly altered from a cuirass bodice pattern from Truly Victorian, having the closure up the back instead of the front as it is in the movie, and I extended the front darts into full princess seams. The sleeves are drafted from scratch and are trimmed with a pale yellow cotton sateen.

[]Collar and ascot: The collar will attach separately and will be made with a white cotton polyester suiting and interfaced for crispness. The ascot will be made with lavender casa satin and will match the sash on the pith helmet.

[x]Underskirt: Buttercup yellow cotton sateen made with TV201 from Truly Victorian. The apron was drafted from scratch and attaches at the side seams. There is a hook and eye closure at the back, covered by the bustle :) I originally was going to make a separate petticoat slip, but I attached the scalloped Venice lace onto the hem instead.

[x]Bustle pad: matching buttercup sateen with cotton batting. Made from scratch.

[x]Overskirt: Buttercup yellow cotton sateen trimmed with light brown casa satin with a fleece layer for shape. Drafted from scratch.

[x]Spats: Found the perfect antique pair from a steampunk store on etsy :)

[]Parasol: will be ordering a base umbrella and covering it with matching fabric and lace.



[x]Wig: Commissioned by BBeauty Designs

[x]Pith Helmet

[x]Baby Baboon Plush: snagged on ebay for a few dollars :)

[x]Sketchbook: I actually majored in Illustration and my specialty is wildlife drawing so I'll be bringing my own sketchbook :3


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