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I've been a fan of the series for over 10 years, and I've always wanted to make this character, but until recently I did not feel I could do it properly. I find Sechs is a super cool cahracter, and his apperance since the 7th book has always appealed to me. Even before I started planning the costume I was sure it would be both challenging and entertaining to make!

There are a lot of pieces to the costume which I like, but I properly like the small details the most, because they really do the costume.

I created costume veeners from worbla and painted them with miniature model paint.

The "hands" and the faces prosthetics too are made from worbla and latex.

The suit is made from PVC, and more than 12 meters of PVC band has been sewed for it. You cannot know how hard it is to make a full body suit of a non-stretchable material, which also has to be a somewhat tight fit, before you're in the thick of it!

The boots and various armor pieces have been made from foam rubber, vinyl, latex and worbla, mostly.

Mini Sechs has been made as a plushy with armor made from paperclay.

Addionaly, the black part at the center of the missing eye is actually slightly see-through, which allows me to retain a surprising amount of vision.

Progress images can be found at


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Series Battle Angel Alita
Character Sechs
Variant Full Fizziroy Body


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