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This is the dress Regina wear throughout "An Apple Red as Blood." It was considered to be a signature dress by the production staff and was planned well in advance when filming so there was a lot of love put into it and a photoshoot with Lana Parrilla showing off all the details. ;)

The original fabric with a limited run brocade (Marc Jacobs textile and sold by Mood fabrics online). So I tried to look for a similar floral brocade and found this which is also limited run pearl, black and navy cotton/wool/nylon brocade fabric.

Well, the beading was hand done over black lace appliques I purchased as you can't find pre-made black and silver appliques.

I used 2mm Bugle beads that I had to measure out in small line then back stitch between each bead to stitch them down. 3mm silver sequins on a white thread I had to hand colour black and stick them down between very 1-2 sequins down to the lace.
The rhinestone is flat back Swarovski in a few sizes from 8 to 20 and glued down with E-6000.

I spent 2-3 hours each night over two months in the fall to finish these nine pieces.

The original trim had six lines of 2mm Bugle beads on the jacket and collar.... That was just to EVIL for me to attempt so I went with a 1mm metallic cord and hand sewed lines a Micro Synthetic Saude to achieve the same look.

I used a general skirt pattern from McCall M6097 Misses' Victorian Costume.

The jacket was a heavily modified Folkwear #267 M'Lady's Corset (the bodice one). The body shape and panels were bang on to the original dress, but the shoulders and collared had to be changed/added.

I original did the sleeve the with the sharp corner shape but I honestly could not move more then 2" with my larger upper arms compared to Lana Parrilla thinner frame. >_< So I modified it again with a slightly gather point. I still can't bring my arms up past horizontal or past my bust but it was sooo much more functional (and comfortable!)

The peplum on the jacket I made the pattern by draping Pattern Tracing Fabric over my bum roll and pinning till I got the drape I wanted. You can use strap fabric instead though.


I used from Arda wigs 1 Matilda and one pack of Long Wefts in Natural Black (080). I had 4 hours to style it on Friday, so I was thankful to have a pre-curled!!!!

For styling, I made a sock bun and sewed that down to the crown of the wig then sew wefts along the sides of the full expanded the wig behind the ears.

I proceeded to layer the weft over the bun and pin with bobby pins and hairspray as I went. I lost track of how many bobby pins were used but I bet it's over 50! I have to buy a replacement pack of short ones. lol

The lace front doesn't cover my full hairline, so I glue with Spirit Gum the ends down into my sideburn area then style my hair over it. Then I colour my hair and the lace as well to match with black eyeshadow (Urban Decay's Blackout because it's pigmented!).

I have copper auburn hair naturally, so I was impressed with how well that worked in a pinch. lol

The Final costume after the beading I put together in 3 very long hour weeks in the evenings after work and three weekends. lol


It's my first time competing as a Master as well. No more level crawling for me but I doubt I have any more awards. lol


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Series Once Upon a Time
Character Evil Queen / Regina Mills
Variant Poison Apple Dress S.1 Ep.21


Miss. Jaina Finding that fabric was like fate. I went to NYC hoping to just find something with a similar color story. The first fabric store I walked in, first self I walked to, it was literally staring me in the face. I've never been so touched by the cosplay gods or so damn lucky. And I don't ever expect to get that lucky again. Your rendition of the dress is gorgeous by the way. <3

LadyCrankypants Gorgeous!! Love the details, and THAT BEADING!! Amazing work, and as always, looks great on you!

Mohmoh Absolutely stunning!