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I've wanted to make Irenes since I played CC (IN MIDDLE SCHOOL OTL) so when friends were doing a group I decided to finally attempt it. And despite it not being toooo intimidating, I underestimated it since it was a lot of things I didn't have experience with! I'm really aiming to fix it up next time I wear it, it was really a learning experience the first time I wore it. Didn't turn out as well as I'd liked, but it could've been worse ahaha

Construction Notes:
Wig: Five Wits white curly wig that I dyed with iDye poly blue dye and then straightened. Rearranged the wefts and built a form of fabric stuffed with tissue paper and such. I made it super huge since I love giant wigs XDD Then I applied the wefts over the form and hairsprayed it, added lots pearls.
Tiara/Crown thing- Layers of craft foam and styrene. Built up parts are model magic with mod podge. Gem is also mm with mp. Spray painted, added pearls on the edge that are on wire. It veclroes to the wig.
Ears- Styrene spray painted, pin into the wig. Pearls on fishing line for earrings.
Skin suit thing- I changed her colors to add more variation and to be more fun!! It was all too much blue for me. The purple is wet look 2 way stretch spandex, the white it 4 way matte metallic spandex, and the light blue is 2 way wet look.
Hand webbies- These gave me an afternoon of trouble, when really it's so simple XD I made the glove be an outline of my hand, including the spaces I needed for hand webbies. Then I just sewed in the channels in between the fingers to make the webs. Suit is also watercolored and fabric painted for some highlights.
Tail- Spandex painted, and I added tulle to the bottom to help create the bubble-y feel that she has when she moves. I'll add bubbles next time!
Bracelets- Pearls on wire
Armor- AHAH despite it all being pretty simple, I had a horrible time making it for some reason. It's layers of craft foam and model magic for details, then mod podged. The hip armor has parts of the mm covered in craft foam.
Fins- arm+hip+ back are all styrene + spray paint
OH MAKE-UP- I tried Aquacolor at first and it just did not work with me, so I tried Mehron Clown White. It worked much better for me! The blue is just eyeshadow~

guhh I put a lot of work into this to not be happy with it, so hopefully I can rework areas and make it as good as I hope it can be :'D


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Blue Leader Very impressive job on this!

Viveeh This looks amazing!!