Seras Victoria

Hellsing OVA

Phew, so these photos almost were irreversibly deleted by yours truly. (Lesson learned? Never delete things you think you duplicated, ykes...)
The bf worked for an hour to recover them thankfully.

Photos by my mom :)

Gun 3-D printed by He is actually a local crafter, and was kind enough to meet up with me so that I didn't have to pay postage for the large gun pieces. So nice! I unfortunately didn't do the nicest job prepping the gun itself, but the print he made is solid. I also bought his Tracer guns, which light up and everything. You won't find better bang for your 3D printed buck, nor will you deal with a nicer hobbyist!
He got the files for the Harkonnen from Snorri, who can be found here:

Patches by Again, beautiful product!

I made the wig, and costume itself. Like a fool I forgot to iron it before putting it on, so, the shirt part is poofing up unfortunately. Live n' learn.
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Character Seras Victoria
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