gypsy_girl as Christmas Craft Elf

Christmas Craft Elf


Cosplayer: gypsy_girl
Hat – The first thing I made. I crocheted it, using the same granny square pattern as my 1970’s crochet outfit. I just wear it on the side so it looks like a tam. I also added a crocheted ball for a pompom.

Vest – I wasn’t going to buy a new pattern for this costume so I pieced things together. I used Simplicity 9328. But that vest was more of a halter top, so I used the back of the shirt for the pattern for the back of my vest. The material is a table cloth I found at a thrift store.

Skirt – I took 8 Christmas placemats I found at the thrift store, sewed them together, and ran an elastic through the waist band.

Blouse – Simplicity 3618. I mostly followed the directions on this one. (I’m known for not following directions wither sewing or cooking.)

Apron – Simplicity 3618. I made a different style pocket that I could put lace around. The lace is crochet.

Awards - Creative Vision Award at Ohayocon 2019 Fashion Show.

This is one of the costumes in my Christmas Costume Lookbook. Please check out the video