DJ Octavio / Takowasa Shogun




I decided to cosplay as DJ Octavio pretty shortly after seeing him for the first time. He's on the top of the list for the best characters of all time that's for sure. The one that really got me into Splatoon. This costume took me about 6 months to finish even though I bought many of the parts!

At first I was planning to make a full mascot suit of his octopus form. I made miniatures for scale and patterned the whole thing out. Then I found Sizma's fan comic on eBay and decided to go for the human version instead. I fell in love with Sizma's work, it really does justice to the original source. But I would go with a more in-game like appearance of an octoling. It matched the only canon image that existed of the character's human form at the time pretty well.

A description on how I made it will be shared on my Patreon page.

I wore this to Animecon 2018 in Helsinki. So many people recognized the character I was really pleasantly surprised! Didn't meet any other Splatoon cosplayers though. I'm definitely going to wear this character again!! The costume is super comfortable from the chin down. All the things on my head get super hot super fast but it wasn't that bad! I got to be Octavio so it was all worth it.


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Series Splatoon
Character DJ Octavio / Takowasa Shogun
Variant human form Sizma version


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