The bodysuit was purchased from Micccostumes but I made the bracer, shoulder pad, visor, bootcovers and the rifle. Picture taken by Kincart Photography. Worn as a group first to Phoenix Comicon 2017 and again at Phoenix Fan Fest 2017 (pictured here). Alterations made to the bodysuit only include the hip accents and clear strips at the bust line. Visor was made creating a headband of sorts with a plastic band, craft foam covered in Yaya Han carbon fiber fabric, and eva foam pieces finished with worbla - both class and transparent. The shoulder piece and bracer made with eva foam and worbla. The bracer has a purple plastic housing (the venom mine) in which you can insert a glowstick. The rifle is made from various foams and PVC pipe and does not change shape. The hair is my own pulled into a bun, sprayed with white and then purple hair spray (since my hair is black) and a ponytail made from dismantling a long purple wig and sewn together into a hair piece. I covered my own eyebrows using the glue stick technique. Body paint is Ben Nye airbrushed. Tattoos were sourced from the official reference kit, printed on tattoo paper and applied over bodypaint.


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