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I made Nabooru to both wear AND dance in at Anime North!

My friends and I did a sword dance at the Skit Contest to the Spirit Temple and Gerudo Valley music.

You can check out that performance here:
Music credit:
Spirit Temple -
Gerudo Valley -

My friends were dressed as red Gerudo thieves.


I credit all of the success of this costume to the information available online. People are amazingly generous with their knowledge, and I'm grateful for that.

So, to pay it forward, I thought it may be helpful if I listed all the resources I used.

Nabooru's Pants

The pattern I used -

Sparkly Belly's Harem Pants DIY

I used a Jersey knit; a soft fabric with stretch, so that it would flow really nicely with our spins and dance moves.

Resin Gems

I followed this tutorial by Rianne Royale to a t, and it worked great! I used the same materials this artist uses for mold creating and resin casting in her videos.

Resin casting tutorial:

Resin Dying with Sharpies


My ankle bracers, belt center piece, big gem setting on the necklace, earrings, forehead gem setting, and the hair gem setting are all foam.

One thing I found was a lot of different, sometimes conflicting, information on priming foam for metallic surfaces, so I'll share what worked for me:

To prepare the craft foam for the metallic paints, I had a lot of success with Flexbond mixed with black acrylic paint to create a primer. Flexbond on it's own was a bit runny, but when mixed with the acrylic, it created a liquid with a better tension, so the surface was easier to smooth down. I still had lots of drip marks; but that was due to my impatience. I know now to give a lot more time for this stage!
I was able to sand some drip marks down, though I could not get bigger drips worn down enough without taking the primer off.


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