Boku no Hero Academia



-The wig base was a Derek in black from Arda Wigs.

-The facial scars were made out of a mixture of liquid latex and acrylic paint, the nose piercings were made out of spray-painted googly eyes, the ear cuffs were a combination of real ear cuffs that I had and curled wire, and the arm/neck scars were custom-dyed knit and nude-colored mesh.

-The jacket was made from stretch pleather, suede, and polyester lining. The silver stitch was handed embroidered and took me a while lmao The arm armor is EVA foam.

-The shirt, pants, belt, and boots were all store-bought (though the shirt was modified as well).


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Series Boku no Hero Academia
Character Dabi
Variant League of Villains Costume


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