Hanbun Lolita

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Alice! not really because of the movie I wanted to do this last year but didn't get to. ANY WAY I designed it using a super old pattern by Butterick It's adapted from this tie-on jumper.
I had to ajust it since it was a size 12 &gt;_<. I also used more skirt peices to give it some fullness. (it's not enough or heavy enough to do that well) and I think the apron is too wide ._.

out of the 3 blue shirts I have not one of them matched! So I did a white shirt

I thin with a frillyer more lolita like shirt and a ... petti-like thing it might make a more convincing Lolita JSK :3 I am always open to suggestions just please refrain from 'thats not lolita' comments *directs to journal*


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Character Hanbun Lolita
Variant Alice


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