Charlotte La Bouff

The Princess and the Frog



"I always thought that wishin' on stars was for babies, and CRAZY people."

The first time I saw this movie, I just knew that I had to cosplay as Lottie. And, as my friend oh so kindly pointed out--"She's nuts! You'll finally be cosplaying someone with the same personality!" My gown will be fairly large, but it won't be nearly as HUGE as her gown in the movie, though, considering I'll be wearing her to a rather crowded convention and I don't want my skirts "eating" other attendees XD


[x] Hoop Skirt and Petticoat: using the same one as Drizzy :)
[x] Bloomers: fully lined white cotton so that it holds the ruffles at the cuffs better~ trimmed with white lace, and the bottoms gather via 1/4" pink ribbon

[x] Bodice: 100% complete-- Primrose glitter casa satin fully interfaced, boned and lined with raspberry casa satin. My sister embroidered a gorgeous rose and vines pattern at the neckline, and I added matching white gimp and pearl seed beads from the organza overlay along the neckline edge. I also sewed on some frilly white cotton lace along the bottom edge, even though the ginormous bow covers it up :/ The sleeves were a piece 'o cake after Drizella, and include sparkle casa satin with organza overlay stuffed with tulle netting in order to keep the "poof."

[x] Skirt: Pale pink bridal satin panels and pale pink glitter satin panels with a pale pink mirror organza overlay. I plan on using a white and silver sparkle gimp trim on the front hems of the organza. The bow was created using a tutorial I found, utilizing extra-stiff interfacing--I ended up using a pretty raspberry-colored poly-satin.


[x]Crown: found the perfect crown from a prom crown supplier--it's about 99.8% accurate and I LOVE it :)

[x]Shoes: I ordered a pair of Capezio Junior Foot-Light Character Shoes in tan :3

[x]Purse: I was going through storage in the garage and found the most adorable 1920's drawstring tapestry purse--lucky find! It was just a part of the myriad of costume pieces my little sisters and I used when we played dress-up growing up :3

[x]Gloves: I found a pair of vintage 1920's cotton church gloves in pale pink on ebay~ They even have the same curve at the wrist as Lottie's!~

[x]Fan: I was inspired by LKD here on and got a pale pink swan-down feather fan since I loved how much it matches Lottie's personality :)

[x]Earrings: Pale blue crystal--I found a pair of vintage 1920's screw-back earrings :)

[x]Wig: I'm having my Lottie wig commissioned, and I can't wait for the results. ^^


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Series The Princess and the Frog
Character Charlotte La Bouff
Variant Masquerade Ball Gown


KnightJeran You are seriously the most awesome and amazing Lottie EVERRRR.

~Amaya~ You are officially one of my favorite cosplayers on You cosplayed as both Lottie and the evil stepsister (who I both love) and pulled them off wonderfully! Very nice job!

Peach93cc AMAZING!!!

Samwise32 You are my new favorite person for doing this! AWESOME!!!!!!!