Nico Robin

One Piece



This all started cause I got bored one day and made the hat. Then it started to move along and get going.

The top/corcet is my first pattern I ever made. Although I had to go through making it about 5 times before I got it close to being right.

The skirt is a pattern I've used many times in the past. As well there is white fringe on the bottom.

The jacket is made from a pattern, with white faux fur around the edge. I also hand sewed all the little details onto the jacket. As well on the jacket I added pockets so I could keep things like my cell phone and wallet on my at all times.

The first hat I made for this is made out of posterboard, cotten and bias tape. I kind of died after New York Comic Con though.

The belt is made of a yellow and turquoise ribbon. As well the fire pattern is hand sewed on, and took so long...

The wig was my old Tsubaki wig, that was cut the shoulder.


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Series One Piece
Character Nico Robin


Narnian Looks awesome!