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Check out the article on the Mehron (Professional Theatrical and Film Makeup) Blog about this costume and my boyfriend's Quaritch costume!!!

Go here:

This is VERSION 1, debuted in October 2010. Updates and improvements planned for the December 2014 release of Avatar 2.

This costume is completely home-made excepting a couple of items:

Na'vi Ears (store-bought, Halloween novelty)
Na'vi Bow (store-bought, Halloween novelty, I am not happy with the bow because of it's size; it is much too small and I will be improving this)

The blue color is full body-paint and the application took 9+ hours.


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Series Avatar (movie)
Character Neytiri


Mohmoh great job on your Neytiri cosplay. I like all those small details and accessoiries.

Tiddy Good job, really! And it's not usual to see a Quaritch, too!!!

Ronet I helped put on the make up for this costume and the effort was 100% worth it! It looks so good!

Geni lovely costume <3