Melody and Siren

Kingdom Hearts II



Why I cosplayed it: When my cosplay group did Organization 13, we did what many people do and make children for the characters. We had a unique take on it, because the idea arrived on accident. My friend Vickie and I had a thought that our personalities seemed like if Demyx and Xigbar had children, they would be us, so we embellished our personalities and they became characters. We figured that Vexen would take DNA from each member and combine them to make more nobodies. They were extremely fleshed out and we had a full-fledged RP/LARP going until drama made us end it rather creatively. It was fun while it lasted.
We had SO many kids too. We had a core group of about 5, which Melody was part of at the beginning. Siren was a later addition. They were the two that I played, which is why I cosplayed as them and not another one. (They are both Demyx children) Some kids were created and then forgotten about. Others were created later, but our core group remained largely the same. We never did get to compile a master list. That would have been nice.
I call Melody either "Org. Mel" or "Melody Bowie." She's totally a scene kid. I didn't really do either girl justice. One day I shall get Melody right. I identified with her more.

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Character Melody and Siren
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