Juri han

Super Street Fighter IV



Shirt is a drafted pattern. I made it out of a stretch sateen in color Black berry. The design was hand drawn and then cut out of satin. Steam a seamed on and then satin stitched around the edges. Lining was then added as were the faux leather edging. The studs are 10mm silver metal studs all hand applied. Straps were hand drafted as well. It just pulls over my head with a snap closure at the neck.

The pants are made from a rayon knit, with a modified gypsy pant pattern. Stripes are satin and the stretch sateen. Belts are made from stretch faux leather and edged with fuschia bias tape. It consists of 3 belts, and side hang, all hand drafted. The diamond studs are 28mm metal studs, hand applied. Buckle is made from sculptamold, and then smoothed over with paperclay and painted white.

Armwarmers and gloves were hand drafted, made out of a knit, and faux leather. Craft foam was used for the armor parts of the gloves. Black spikes are silicone spike bracelets painted black. Underwear is made from the same fabric as the armwarmers.

Base wig is an Angela 750 that was parted using the heat sealing method, then stubbed. Bangs ans side bangs were then cut and styled. Odango things are cut from a 12x12 block of styrofoam and carved to shape, covered in extensions and then glued to the wig over the stubs. Tubes are clear plastic tubes painted fuschia.


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Series Super Street Fighter IV
Character Juri Han


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