My one and only Disney Princess costume. I don't have a great love for Disney princess of past besides Ariel. In the past, they were not able to defend themselves. >_< They were always being saved by the prince. boo

Ariel is a no go with my body type, but Merida has my hair. ;) Just not as ginger as her.

100%Cotton Velveteen from Fabricland. $18 a yard (but I got it on sale)
Rippled Linen on optic white that I dyed with teas to an off cream shade, for the undershirt and puff on the dress.
My cloak fabric wasn't as grey/taupe as hers as I bought it before the full movie poster came out and it looked dark brown at the time. lol It's a suiting polyester with nice drape and weave.

SEWING: About 50% of this dress was hand sewn because it's Velveeten and I had to do a lot of invisible stitching one all the segments of the sleeves, the armholes and the hem. (Never hand hemmed a dress before... 6.5 hours later I was done and wanted to kill myself for a backache. )

Went through a few different ones but the final one was Newlook FireRed shade in Cathy XL and Mary G-1000 sewn together.
Newlook has a new PP-Brave Brave Princess I recommend that one and stacking it with another long wig.
I cover how I made the wig here.

I got a lot of people asking me if it was my real hair because I match my eyebrows at FanExpo. lol

PVC pipe based from Jonathan Gordon of SouthCoastDesigns on Etsy. Resharpened with heat and paint it with a wood grain texture with heavy body acrylic for the texture. And a wash of dark brown paint to sink into the tooth of the acrylic grain. Once I shaped it to the Pulled position, it was a full foot shorter than it should have been but to make one any long would have probably degraded the shape.


You can see my head bob before walking onstage as my music didn't play. I was like "OK! Let do this!" lol


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hellorosenberg Love seeing other Merida's :)

WARPAINTandUnicorns The sleeves are segmented on the dress. The puff at the elbow is sew the the sleeve section. The white under dress is just a long shirt using the same rippled linen as the sleeve. The cuffs and collar were on the shirt were sewn by gathering the fabric in a strip.

squeakum How did you do the sleeves and the puffy parts and the under dress?

MDA I got my photos of you up ^^ Feel fee to use! So great to see you at Fan Expo! And I LOVED this to death!

MalteseLizzie You make a great Merida

Narnian Wonderful! You did an amazing job!