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I'm not that confident with my look. I really put a lot of effort into the costume, and it's one of my most accurate costum
es! I love the skirt, the jacket, the ribbon, the wig... The styling of the wig took a bunch of time. For her two little hair that sick out from her head I used some wire that I painted balck, so that they are always in the right position. And still.. I kinda don't like myself as Kuroyukihime.. which is so sad, cause I love her SO MUCH ;_; She is one of my favorite characters ever. Maybe my expectations were a bit too high. I think for the future and for a second shooting (the pics from connichi are not that great, cause it was totally late, and no light was left XD) I will try to style the bangs a bit different and not that "hard". I wanted to keep everything in place, but maybe a more natural look might fit better...


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Series Accel World
Character Kuroyukihime
Variant school uniform


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