Tales of Graces



I love Pascal! After playing Tales of Graces, I knew I simply had to make the outfit. I also wanted to try my hand at wig editing with different color wefts. I'm still working on making the shotstaff, but I'm having such a hard time choosing which one to make!

The entire costume didn't take me an incredibly long time as it's somewhat simplistic. I made it for ease of wearing and comfort.

The shirt is made of a stretch knit, the suspender/shorts are made out of Sunbrella (yay for clearance sales on weird colors), and her belt is made out of canvas.

The gems are cast resin, along with the bezels the gems set in. Her gloves are also made of a stretch wool knit, and her arm warmers are also a stretch knit.


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Series Tales of Graces
Character Pascal


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