Miyazawa_Lulu as Rin Natsume

Rin Natsume

Little Busters!

Cosplayer: Miyazawa_Lulu
I honestly believed that no Key/VA novel or anime could get me more emotional than CLANNAD, but I was wrong: Little Busters! is a whole different experience, more focused on friendship (and *gasp* on the male characters!), but many tears were shed while reading the VN. A truly epic masterpiece, and a love shared with many friends and my boyfriend, it wasn't a surprise that we all decided to pay an homage to this beautiful story by Jun Maeda. And so we coordinated a big group that managed to be almost complete (with the exception of Kurugaya ;_;), in which I was the cute tsundere tomboy Rin Natsume, half of the Natsume siblings and my LB! waifu :3 I keep telling myself I should stop cosplaying high-school girls at my age, but... BUT!

So aparently this was another easy uniform costume but I underestimated THE JACKET, easily the most complicated thing I've ever sewn and the most plain looking as well (life's cruel): patterns and overall construction would have been impossible without the help of a professional that is my mother. She drafted the pattern for me and gave me tons of hints and help so that it could look as good as bought. It's fully lined, which only added to my pain.

The rest was way easier: shoes were hand-painted and shoelaces replaced, already had the socks, skirt made as usual (I've lost count of how many pleated skirts I've made at this point), shirt was bought and the yellow strip was sewn, and also made the big ribbon. I planned on making a Dorj plushie but couldn't due to time constraints (as usual :_D) so I had to compromise and play with the ball bought for all of us by our Haruchin and Komarimax XD

For the wig, I bought two Rin packs (short base + ponytail) at Lucaille, sold one of the bases to a friend and merged the two ponytails in one big monster that made my neck and forehead hurt (and I made sure they did by sewing three hair clips to the front of the base wig :_D). The bell and ribbon were also sewn. Color is very pretty (although it's a reddish brown instead of a regular brown since it's from the anime) and fiber quality is nice, though the side bangs were too short (or maybe my gaijin head is too big? it should be fixed in the future since I harvested fibers to do so) and the absurdly long ponytail tangled very easily.