Zatanna Zatara

Young Justice



Woooo look I can do magic~! Haha okay I can't but I mange to make this to wear for Comikaze on Saturday (It was my birthday that day!) Didn't get any pictures taken but I got one with my group that I met up with! Hopefully I can wear this at Wondercon!


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Series Young Justice
Character Zatanna Zatara


~H~ Very nice job on your Zatanna! I like that you went for the golden vest ^_^.

Naudae While I don't know a single thing about this series, I can say that you look incredible in the outfit! Well done!

SakuraMadoi This is a cute take on Zatanna♥

momoiru1994 u look so great!!!

Thowra You look amazing!

~H~ I think you're going to rock this costume! I look forward to seeing it come together ^_^.

GracefulNightingale I can't wait to see this!! I was really wanting to do M'gann! ;D