Xenosaga 3

We decided on armoured bathing suits because the costume doesn't look like lycra or any other bathing suit material. The outer shell is Worbla and it is linned with foam so that I have a layer of cushion between myself and the plastic. The raised details is a mix of craft foam, model magic, and tube elastic. Everything is painted in acrylic paint, then sealed with PlastiDip. This was key since I knew this costume had to survive in the water. And it did, even in a hot tub with the jets at full power.
The top is shut with velcro in the back. The hip pieces are attached with snap fasteners to the bottoms and a clear elastic tying them together to keep them upright.

All the red pieces were made of spandex. The hair buns was a foam ball cut in half and draped in white spandex, with a black spandex scrunchies I made to surround them. Plus ribbon for the bows.

The wig is from Cosplay.com, and styled by me.
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Series Xenosaga 3
Character T-elos
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