Rakurowa female student

Asura Cryin'



I made this costume for a cosplay meetup, that has Rakurowa high school reunion them. I found the jacket and the skirt as a thrift shop and of course completely tore them up and customized them to suit the cosplay. It took me about three days working for short periods of time with the last day before the meetup spending the whole day, but I also did my boyfriend's costume and a friends as well.

The cuffs were a bit tricky for the girls, the emblems were made out of heat transfers, I did not have the time to embroider and since it wasn't an important cosplay to me, I did not want to spend the money sending it to get embroidered.

I spent a whole afternoon a week before the meetup learning how to tie ties, didn't know there were different knots to tie.

I probably will not wear this again, and I won't tear it up either for another cosplay, I just cannot bear the thought, and after all I am a collector, will go into cosplay collection.


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Series Asura Cryin'
Character Rakurowa female student


striker0 This show doesn't get much love. But I'm glad to see at least a cosplay of the uniform. Nice job!