Leon S. Kennedy

Resident Evil: Degeneration

@II Squall II


First time I played RE was when I was just a child... When RE was a survival horror yet lol...
Leon is my favorite char of this game! I really like him In RE2 and in RE4 too...
This is why I was very happy when I saw RE:Degeneration's trailer... I was like: "Wow... Leon in HD... just wow... *___*"
Today I'm acting like Leon "RE:Degeneration version" but I think some day I'll going to cosplay him in some other outfit...
Stay tuned and don't forget it:
"Shoot them in the head."


@II Squall II
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Series Resident Evil: Degeneration
Character Leon S. Kennedy


slarson802 I just wanted to say that your costumes are all freaking amazing! You have one of those faces that no matter what wig or contacts you are wearing you look just like the character. Very nice work. I love your costume choices too!

soraKHdemyx Resident evil is awesome, and you look just like how i imagined him to be like in real life!

Hinote_Ichimaru wow amazing Leon! <3 dead on!

Rael_Uchiha Fantastico Leon u.u