Sarah Williams




Well... This dress was like sand in the underwear to make! :))
I used a wedding dress I found in second hand as a basis. Please note that I love this dress except its bottom that I hate so I made some changes. If this disturbs you, I'm sorry.
There was lave with a fes pearls here and there on the basis dress. As there is someting in transparent effect on the model image, I sewed pearls following the lace EVERYWHERE on the bust. Then I doubled the bust with transparent shining white veil.
Then I made the sleeves (the puffed parts are sewed to mittens covered with taffeta and veil) and sewed them over the short sleeves of the basis dress.
After that I sewed kilometers of tulle of the pettycoat to get a more bluffing effetc. As it was not sufficient (it is obvious on the reference pic that the back of the dress is buffing more and still more on the sides) I created a stuffed belt (I wear it over the pettycoat) with cushions on the sides.
Next step was to arrange the train of the basis dress like a flower (or a shell) on the side. It took hours, to pin it the way I wanted and then sew it with liitle point here and there.
Finally I just had to sew an upper skirt in veil and fix it to the basis dress and the "flower/shell)
It seems easy, but it took me 10 days (with 5 hours sleep per day) to have it done in time for the con... Never again! XD


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Series Labyrinth
Character Sarah Williams


zan_nightshade I love how you have your costumes. i haven't seen this movie in long time.

Mohmoh simply stunning, both of you!

Gundiriel Ma belle Alma ! *_* Tu es époustouflante !!! *O* and you both... JUST SO EPIC ! O_O

MysteriousMaemi you looked gorgeous, I'm happy that you finally updated your account with these photos! I'm soo glad you guys won something, it was really well deserved.

Geb_Geb Best Sarah I've seen O.o that's one of my dream cosplay and I've looked at all cosplayer who've done her and you're totally gorgeous!!! I'm especially in love with your wig/hair ^^ it's so wowww

Lady Somairot This costume is just fantastic, and your pictures are gorgeous!!!! Love, love LOVE it!

almathea This is the last costume my favourite partner will ever do. So we wanted to make a special act with these cosplays, something that is really a part of us. Something magic. Something perfect... Well, it is certainly not perfect, but it was magic indeed: we forgot who we are to drown in our characters. A moment of perfection. Here is the link towards the video of the act: Please let us know what you think about it.