Juno Eclipse

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Took me long enough to get around to a Star Wars costume, considering how much I love it. :P
I spent a long time with no idea what character from the franchise I wanted to be. I utterly love Carrie Fisher, but that was actually the reason I avoided going for a Leia cosplay since I would have felt a loopy fangirl trying to live up to the iconography. x____x;

I found Juno to be a really interesting character when I played The Force Unleashed, since her sense of morality shifts in big ways throughout the story. I had also been playing with the idea of making an Imperial Officer uniform for the sake of having a practical, comfortable costume to throw on at moment's notice. My boyfriend was always saying how much he liked the character of Starkiller, so I decided to surprise him by making him the costume and pulled together a prototype Juno costume to photoshoot with him at FanExpo, based on her more relaxed appearence in the latter half of the first game.

The pants, boots, shirt and belt were pieces I already owned and the gloves were borrowed. I sewed the jacket from a Simplicity jacket pattern in black cotton twill.
I'm not wearing my hat in these pictures because it got destroyed the weekend of the convention, but I followed this pattern for the Imperial Officer hat:

I'm planning to re-debut this in full for ForceGathering 2011. :]
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Series Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Character Juno Eclipse

allycat6247 great job! I was wondering do you remember what pattern you used for the jacket?