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So here it is! My new cosplay for Frau! After having so much fun going as Frau in his Bishop Uniform for Otakon, I couldn’t resist the idea of making another. I was able to use a good portion of my last cosplay for Frau in this one, such as the pants, earrings, contacts, wig, etc. However, the coat and body suit were new as were the necklaces. That coat…. Hmmmmm…

The coat was the hardest part to put together for this cosplay. So. Many. Buckles. And. Collars. O_O I started with a basic jacket design and went from there. I made the jacket longer and then added an extra collar (for the one that flairs up). That collar… so much work. Gave me such a headache. After that was done though, I proceeded to add on the loops around the wrists of the sleeves and afterwards finish adding in the buckles around the coat. All that work was worth it though!

I re-used the Scythe as well from my last Frau cosplay and was pretty excited too, since I was able to get pictures of it in its elongated version. For more on the scythe, you can check out the description in my “Bishop Frau” cosplay. I premiered this at AnimeUSA 2010 and hope to go as this Frau again. Hope you like it!


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Tohma Yeah that collar was rough work for me too when I did it XD!! Looks good though