Franziska von Karma

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All



Update: I guess I didn't manage my time well enough. At the time of this edit, I've got two weekends left to finish the costume, and I thought I had a lot more time... but things just worked out that way. There's still way too much to do and I'm stressing way too much over this costume. If I keep trying to finish it in time for Sakuracon 2011, I won't be able to keep up with my classes and I'll probably make myself sick. I'm upset that I can't make this work, but... c'est la vie, I guess. Needed to learn that lesson eventually.


As of now, I've got a charcoal gray spandex/... cotton? Blend, that looks very business-suit-like, for her vest and skirt, and both are nearly finished save a few details; a pale yellow ribbon; some shirting and stiffening fabric for her shirt; and Fimo for the buttons, cuff links and earrings (which will be painted with clear nail polish for shine--and also just regular paint since I'm dumb and Fimo cooks much darker than it starts out); and shoes that are in the process of being modified: they will later have a fold sewn over the top of them.

I got the shoes I did because of the toe shape, the seam down the front, and the height of the heel... I couldn't find ANY ankle boots that fit all the criteria, and these were the easiest to modify.

And I'm looking up tutorials on making bullwhips. (I may just start off with a rope base and BS it, because honestly it doesn't have to work.)

I'm having issues with things like the gloves, since no leather gloves exist that don't have seams on the top of the hands... AND fit like hers do.

I've got the wig, and I've dyed it twice now... at this point I give up trying to make it the right color. A friend will be styling it, since I suck at wigs.

Let's see... I think that's all the important stuff. I'll be posting a bunch of in-progress pictures, and when I get it all done I'll probably resubmit them to be collages, so that my gallery isn't so cluttered.


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Character Franziska von Karma


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