The Nightmare Before Christmas

Sally *w*
Omg I did it! I am so happy that I made this costume!!
It was incredible to make everything on time and pay so much attenction to every little detail XD
I felt like I was dreaming all the time at the convention, it was still difficult to realize that I was cosplaying one of my favourite characters ever! *o*

Make up made entirely by me..
It took me half an hour to color the skin of face, neck, arms and legs and draw the seams with eye-liner.
The dress is made sewing two different shirts togheter, then i coloured it with fabric colors and once dry, I added the seams along the perimeter of each drawed patch of the dress. For the socks I just painted three horizontal stripes on them....very easy overall.
I am really satisfied about everything of this cosplay!! Still can't believe I made it... °w°
Even if my feet hurt, I had a wonderful time ^^
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Series The Nightmare Before Christmas
Character Sally

PerlaBluLele Che bel lavoro che hai fatto ^^ complimenti

~WhiteMage~ This is the best Sally I have ever seen.

Heitha Thanks so much everybody! *hugs*

malice_wonka you are sally wonderful! amazing! its the best sally that i have seen, you are my inspiration

rpmsauron Yay! Tim Burton's characters FTW :D Yay!!Sally rocks :D Your cosplay makes true justice ;D

LittleKagsin This is amazing! I love Sally so much too, and I'm so happy to see someone cosplay her and do her justice! You look great! =^^=