Princess Cadence

My Little Pony



Oh my goodness being Cadence is so much fun! I wore her with my AppleJack, Pinkie Pie and Big Mac for Fanime, and then with my Shining Armor for AX.
I was super surprised how much more popular it became at AX since my lovely Shining armor was there :3 a lot of people were suuuppeerrr excited to see us XD

Ok, because I get this question so, so much:
My wig is sharpie dyed. I bought a white and purple wig off ebay and sharpie dyed in the yellow and pink. It took me roughly 3 days ( but I have insane attention span)


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Series My Little Pony
Character Princess Cadence
Variant Wedding Dress


UndeadRomanceX love. love. love. love. love. love. did I mention love.

VampireKitten Where did you find that stunning wig?

Narnian Adorable! You did so well! I love your Shining Armor too!