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Oh Raiko. I was literally flipping channels one night when I saw Nabari No Ou and instantly loved the Shimizu family arc line. So of course, a cosplay had to come out of it. :D

I made this between September and October of 2011 and premiered it during Halloween 2011. The top was completely made by me. I generally use a black top for the under shirt that I also made (if I can't find that; I generally borrow a similar top). I then made the pendants surrounding the pants and used a long black piece of fabric for the wrap. I ordered the Hakama online.

I cut and styled the wig and also made the hair tie that goes with it. The Katana was something I had actually had for a while, so I was very happy when I realized I could use it for a cosplay. The pants were jeans and the boots were from my Jonghyun cosplay.

Overall I had a ton of cosplaying as Raiko. I went to the Friday of Katsucon 18, 2012 in this and premiered it there at a con for the first time. Later in March of 2012, I did a shoot with Jeff near the Cherry Blossoms in DC. So I'll try to get some of those up here soon. Anyway, I hope you like it! ^_^


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Series Nabari no Ou
Character Raiko Shimizu
Variant Winter


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