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I had always wanted to cosplay as Kairi in her adorable pink zipper dress and I finally got the chance for this coming Anime Central '12.

Sorry if there's so much to read, I always believed that cosplayers should help each other out and give a description of what items they used and how they did it so that others may get an idea of how to start.

- Solid Light Pink Stretch Twill
- 97% Cotton 3% Lycra 54" Wide

-I got this fabric online at fashionfabricsclub.com I was able to get it on sale for $4.00 a yard.

- 3 #10 Aluminum Jumbo Bottom Separating Jacket Zippers ( Black, 26in.) These are actually rather large, the zipper teeth are 1/2 in. wide. They only separate one way but other than that they are perfect.

-Zippers were bought online at http://www.stanssewingsupplies.com

- I saw that a lot of people got them off this website too
http://www.orgxiii.org/shop/zipper-shop/ though the reason why i didn't buy it from them was because the zippers look way too large and you have to custom order the length.

Pattern: I used New Look 6468
- I believe that pattern is no longer in production so I got mine online at amazon.com

-LOL So I basically tore off the black hood of a jacket that I don't wear anymore and took a white sports bra, modified the back so it became like a halter top and sewed the hood to the strap. XD Cheap and easy. I'm going to attach the undershirt hoodie thing to the dress when I actually start working on it.

-Lace was purchased at Hancock Fabrics and attached it to my sports bra/cami.

- I got silicone bracelets online for about $0.75 each on amazon.com

- I hate wigs, they are so uncomfortable. Luckily, I was planning on getting my hair colored anyways by a friend who does hair and she dyed my hair to this beautiful shade of burgundy. I love it, and its natural enough where I don't need to change it back for work. So no wig for me, just my natural hair :3

- I got very cheap converse knock offs from Meijers. They are Emergency Exit "Hopscotch" I got them in gray, and bought acrylic paint to paint them lavender. I also got black shoelaces from my previous cosplay.

- Purchased from Etsy from the seller, Merelani Designs

- Made and done whew. I went to Goodwill and purchased a purse that looked similar to the one that Kairi has and modified it by adding the ribbon and snaps. The straps from the purse, they were about 1.5'' wide, and was used as the actual belt, and I added 2 additional rectangle D-rings to it. I hammered in the eyelets. The belt itself is wide enough where I can slip it on from the top of my head and hangs comfortably off my hips.

- I went to Hancock Fabrics and bought silver eyelets, I don't remember the size sorry, and hammered/used a wire bending plier to apply the eyelets. They are actually very easy to use. I'm happy of the outcome.

I will not be making or purchasing a keyblade. The costume is time consuming/expensive enough.

- I have horrible horrible HORRIBLE vision, so I can't buy circle lenses and I didn't want to go around with glasses on. I looked into buying prescription colored contacts and doing the whole free trial pair but they didn't have it in my prescription. Sad ): So brown-eyed Kairi it is.


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KairiGalaga Dude,you look so awesome!Your hair looks perfect!Loooove it!:D